Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Carpet Index Blog. A Rich Experience of 20th Century Rug Design. To be Continued

When I began this blog with John Hopper, I really had no idea how things would evolve. After these first three to four months, I would like to thank all the visitors to the blog, especially the first four followers for their support. I was also very pleased to read the web references to the blog and the compliments received.

One objective of The Carpet Index was to see if the blog would give me the opportunity to contact people who share the same interests. That has definitely been the case. I have been contacted, for example, by various individuals from France, the UK and the US regarding the work of Ivan da Silva Bruhns, Fernand Leger and Francis Bacon. A special mention should also be made to the individuals and companies that gave me the rights for the reproduction of the images which contributed so much towards the quality of this blog.

With the help of John Hopper, I will continue with the present formula of producing about four posts per month. Due to our various and wide-ranging commitments, it will not always be easy to keep strictly to this schedule, so I apologize in advance if there are any small delays which should appear in the future. However, we will definitely try to keep them to a minimum.

Meanwhile, for all the newcomers to the blog, we will regularly publish and update an index of all our posts, sorted by designer's and companies' names. This list will complement the search box already present on the left hand side of the page. We are dedicated to giving you as comfortable and comprehensive a reading platform as we can and therefore will continue to introduce new elements which we hope will improve the blog.

I have never previously been involved in web publishing, but I must say that so far it has been an altogether pleasant and rewarding experience, and if you have any doubts about doing the same, I wouldn't hesitate to say, do it!


The Carpet Index Post Guide

  • Francis BACON-----May 4 2009
  • Ernest BOICEAU-----February 9 2009
  • Alexander CALDER-----April 17 2009
  • Joseph CSAKY-----April 19 2009
  • Marie CUTTOLI-----April 17 2009
  • Jacques DOUCET-----April 21 2009
  • EGE-----May 30 2009
  • Paul FOLLOT-----May 10 2009
  • Jean LURCAT-----April 21 2009; April 19 2009
  • Louis MARCOUSSIS-----April 21 2009
  • Mathieu MATEGOT-----May 26 2009
  • Verner PANTON-----May 30 2009
  • Serge POLIAKOFF-----April 16 2009
  • Emile-Jacques RUHLMANN-----May 10 2009
  • Yves SAINT LAURENT-----February 9 2009
  • Ivan da SILVA BRUHNS-----May 4 2009; February 9 2009
  • Charles E. SLATKIN----- April 17 2009
  • UNIKA VAEV-----May 30 2009
  • Victor VASARELY-----May 30 2009


sororNishi said...

Yes...great work. Keep it up. I am a real fan.

John hopper said...

Thanks very much for that! It's comments like yours that will keep us going.

chris kennedy said...

Just discovered your site, coming late to the party. Great site. It is hard work, don't lose faith.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.