Thursday, 30 July 2009

An Explanation for the Unplanned Post Removal

The text, including the image and the comments, that was posted on May4 2009, has been removed today and is no longer available.

An anonymous owner of rugs represented by a Maxin Heale (unlawful blog investigator) and/or a Sandrine Xiong, sent us an email on July 25 2009 demanding that we 'remove the blog within seven days, failing which we shall advise our client to commence legal proceedings.'

As asked, we have replied to them and provided all the elements that were elaborated on within the text. Concerning the rug that was pictured and the three French auction catalogues that were mentioned, we confirmed that they were at their free disposal in Paris, should they wish to view them.

In order to be completely clear to our readers, and to avoid any misleading interpretation of the post removal, we certify that neither of the two designers representatives or foundations, and by extension any specialist or carpet expert, has contacted The Carpet Index editors asking for the removal of the post. Nor at any time did they produce any criticism concerning its content.

To avoid any problem concerning the individuals who freely left a comment, we also have preferred to remove them, because it seems the best way to preserve their freedom of expression.

Jean Manuel de Noronha, the original writer of the article is a carpet lover. He believes that there is no point in spending fruitless time and energy on a legal action that should be relegated to the past, as it seems contradictory to the new world of possibilities offered today by an Internet of free and open speech for all.

Instead he would prefer to concentrate his efforts for future posts by promoting the numerous other English carpet designers who also deserve to be known: Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant from the Omega Workshops, Brangwyn, Chermayeff, Marion Dorn, Ronald Grierson, Ashley Havinden, Betty Joel, Archibald Knox, Mcknight Kauffer, Jean Orage, Marian Pepler, Terence Prentis, John Tandy, Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, etc.

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sororNishi said...

I would have to agree that this was a wise decision and merely bemoan the increasing belief that some have that the legal system should be invoked at any opportunity to sort out what could often be resolved through a civilised exchange of ideas and information.

It seems as if being on a "war footing" has become superior to friendly negotiation.