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The Studio: an Art Deco Modernist Carpet & Rug Bibliography & Iconography

For the third holiday post I will give proof of my addiction to desk research in libraries. The Studio was a major British magazine for the arts. It didn't particularly specialise in either carpets or the decorative arts, but it did sometimes publish articles and illustrations that were unique. A second reason to study these articles is that the British Art Deco press was limited in both quantity and variety. To spare my blog readers the time, I will review this publication for the corresponding period of 1924-1935.

Before 1929 the magazine reported on foreign and especially French Art Deco influences, but after this date it is clear that British designers were given a privileged position in the magazine. I have only referenced the articles and illustrations concerning modern rugs and carpets. The magazines consulted were bounded by year, and the initial monthly pages were missing as were the advertisements. The main information is listed below.

Rare rug from Paolo Bevilacqua of Palermo, Italy, P.26, The Studio, 1930, Vol. C, The Carpet Index Library

1924-Gustave Fayet (French designer, 2 ills.) Volume LXXXVIII, p.167-9
1925-Edinburgh Rug by Scottish Folk Volume XL, p.55
1925-Carpets by M. da Silva Bruhns by M. Valotaire (4 ills.) Volume XLI, p.87-9
1927-A Modern Decorator Allan Walton (1 colour pl., 1 ills.) Volume XLIII, p.250-5
1927-Paris, report by Therese Bonnet (Mybor rugs) Volume XLIII, p.285
1928-German Alttann Village (rural flat weavings, colour plate) Volume XCV, p.60
1928-Hearth rug designed by Claude Flight made by Jean Orage Volume XCV, p. 343 & 348
1928-La Maitrise, a Creative Force in Decorative Art by Marcel Valotaire Volume XCVI, p.324-30
1929-New Rug Designs by E McKnight Kauffer and Marion Dorn. A conversation with a Studio representative (colour plate, 5 ills.) Volume LXXXXVII, p.35-9
1929-Henry Varnum Poor (hooked rugs, 2 ills.) Volume LXXXXVII, p.379
1930-Interiors by Eyrede Lanux (ills. with carpets by Evelyn Wyld) Volume IC, p.263-5
1930-International Exhibition of Glass and Rugs (New York) Volume IC, p.352
1930-Modern Interiors DIM (colour plate, 2 ills.) Volume IC, p.403-8
1930-The 1930 Look (Francis Bacon furniture and rugs) Volume C, p.140-1
1930-Look in British Decoration (Serge Chermayeff) Volume C, p.144-5
1930-Frank Brangwyn Volume C, p.440-4
1931-(Rug by Marion Pepler for Gordon Russle) Volume CII, p.267
1932-British Interior Architects of Today. Betty Joel (colour plate) Volume CIV, p.276-7
1932-Alexander Morton Torfyn Rugs (2 ills.) Volume CIV, p.368
1933-Syrie Maughan (Marion Dorn all-white rug, colour pl.) Volume CV, p.113
1933-Mybor Rugs (7 ills. Jean Lurcat, Marcoussis, Jourdain, Miro) Volume CVI, p.177-80
1935-Art in Hungary. The Picture Carpets of Stephan Pekary Volume CIX, p.46
1935-Wessex hand-tufted Rugs by Shirley Pearce and Grierson Ronald Volume CIX, p.68
1935-Grierson Ronald Volume CIX, p.159
1935-Betty Joel Volume CIX, p.308-9
1935-Astrid Sampe (Swedish textile designer) Volume CX, p.163-4
1935-Orion. Design of the Temporarygrissom (Liner decoration by E McKnight Kauffer & M. Dorn) Volume CX, p.190-8

Bibliographical and iconographical notes are basic information for any valuable research, but today they attract little attention from editors. I have referenced over 11 000 books and articles on western and oriental rugs and carpets over the years, and I am always interested in any publishing project, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas on the subject. Meanwhile I will keep using this giant information source to produce the texts of the present blog, for the service of everyone.

Written by Jean Manuel de Noronha


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